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A man reported June 23 someone stole his iPhone from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked at All City Candy. He said he tracked the phone, valued at $650, to a location in Euclid. June 22, but the driver sped up and crashed into several vehicles at the Highland Road intersection.

Love how quickly it moves, especially compared to hockey, he said. A physical game, it an active game . As a referee, I enjoy being able to give back a little bit and help these players enjoy the sport that they love to play. Erica’s unique professional experience has enabled her to develop a broad range of skills perfectly suited to the real estate industry. After achieving an undergraduate and a masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Maryland School of Medicine, respectively, Erica spent many years in a variety of marketing leadership roles in the fast paced and highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. It is here that she honed her marketing, branding, analytical, and business skills.

Likewise, Brian Phipps had his best game in a USA shirt since being named to the team and would be a phenomenal bench booster if a starting netminder were to falter early in a game. It doesn’t look like a lefty is in the mix for attack, but if they were to consider one it should be Matt Kavanagh, who led his team with a goal and three assists. Kavanagh is dangerous with the ball and loves to operate on the wing which would free up the ridiculous tug of war at X between Jordan Wolf and Rob Pannell that is currently taking place in every scrimmage..

Abell 2744 is a massive object, lying 3.5 billion light years away (redshift 0.308), that is thought to be the result of four smaller galaxy clusters colliding. It has been nicknamed Pandora’s Cluster because of the many strange and different phenomena that were unleashed by the massive collision that occurred over a period of about 350 million years. The galaxies only make up five percent of the cluster’s mass, while dark matter makes up seventy five percent, providing the massive gravitational influence necessary to bend and magnify the light of background galaxies.

There are 9 girls from 7th grade on the team. Their first scrimmage is on Tuesday at 4:30 so please join us! Friday was a break for the teachers and students and many of us slept in and then spent the rest of the day full of activity and relaxation. It was a week of learning and fun and we are looking forward to the next one!.

Jesus referred to the story from the exodus about the image of a snake that was carried aloft in the company of the Israelites, so that anyone who was bitten by a real snake could look at the image and be healed. The image of the snake absorbed the effects of the serpent’s venom and the victim was healed. Jesus indicates that he too will be raised so that anyone who has been bitten by sin can look at him and be saved.