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You will have your choice of eighter printing out your return and mailing it or filing it electronically. The latter option generally includes a confirmation of receipt directly from the IRS within a day or so. That’s good news, especially if you have a refund coming.

“Verify 2 enables retailers to rely on objective, verifiable data,” says spokeswoman Lisa Mendenhall, “to determine whether a return is valid rather than relying on subjective observations and guesswork by sales clerks. This objectivity ensures that only those with highly suspect return and exchange behavior are affected. The vast majority approximately 99 percent of returns are accepted.”.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of learning from Mirko Lorenz, a data journalist and all around computer genius who showed us the ins and outs of what data journalism is, and more important what GOOD data journalism looks like.Lorenz has a background in history and economics in addition to journalism, and told us that he made the switch to data because, honestly, it seemed like the right thing to do.young journalist, I went into economics instead of other beats, because I believed that if you can tell people if they gaining or losing, that’s always relevant. We had plenty of opportunities to play with Datawrapper and Pageflow, and it was really amazing how simple it was to suddenly put together a nice infographic.Today, Lorenz says, data is what can get and keep you a job, above and beyond any other category of journalism. The world changes, we need changing tools in the newsroom, and it shouldn’t be if you want to tackle data, you starting at zero, he said.Here are some of Mirko Lorenz tips for how to easily tackle publishing a data story, even if you don know where to start.1) Become aware the Texas Tribune, one third of their page views came through data publications, Lorenz said, describing a visit he had taken to Houston several years ago to talk to the journalists there about data.

Anticipating this trend, Retailers are starting the holiday season sooner. Traditionally in the US Christmas officially starts the day after Thanksgiving, but that’s changed little by little each year. Customers will complain that Christmas is coming too early, and that it’s a turn off.

The demographics of the district do not match its history as a safe Republican seat. The eastern part is strongly conservative, but that changes as you move west. The largest city, Las Cruces, leans Democratic. Ron Patterson, who with his then wife Phyllis founded the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1963, which showcased traditions of 16th century Elizabethan England, has died. He was 80. Patterson died Jan. 15 in Sausalito, Calif., where he was receiving hospice care at the home of a friend, said his son Kevin. He had been in declining health for several years. The same happens to other objects touched by myth: Fire, for instance, has Genesis sized significance in the story of Prometheus, while an ordinary ring of gold glows with forbidden power in the story of the Nibelungs (and in the tales of that splendid latter day jeweler, Tolkien).