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Can keep adding portables to the existing schools but there comes a point where the core of the school can no longer handle the volume of students, Hauptman noted. Only have a certain size gym, only so many washrooms, library space. You just can keep adding students and still expect to be able to offer school programs that you hope to within the confines of the facility that exists.

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If you want change, Comar says you’ve got to buckle down. He says the first thing you need to do is make a plan. Look at your spending and your expenses. Finally, I would like to discuss a hybrid approach to billing arrangements that is becoming more prevalent. This approach involves a mix of traditional time and material and contingent fee billing. Under this scenario the firm agrees to invoice the client for a percentage of its fees each month and hold the remainder of the billing until the case resolves at a reduced contingent fee percentage.

Our first guest of the day is Kevin Russell with the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia. He’s urging the Nova Scotia government to allow restrictions of smoking and growing cannabis in leased properties. And Brad Farquhar is getting set to compete in this year’s Iditarod Sled Dog race.

When a married couple decides to part they generally look at dividing up their assets. The family home is put on the market and the couple hopes for a fast sale so they can move on with their lives. As many couples would have had a mortgage on their property it would be impossible to sell their home for less than the amount owed at the bank.

Samsung is a manufacturer which has manufactured some of the most in demand mobile phones in the past and they are known for their improved performance with every new mobile handset. In every segment of mobile phone Samsung has offered innovative technology and some amazing features that has help this company to secure a position in this very competitive industry. On the smartphone segment the Samsung has the Galaxy series phones that are very much liked and are in demand in the market.