HCG Diet proven useful

Quick weight loss fads have been a common part of American culture for the last one hundred years. Different “secret methods” or miracles cures that promise large amounts of fat loss have come and gone, leaving much debate behind them. Most have their share of success stories, as well as the reports of their fraudulent claims or ineffectiveness. Despite the history of these fads and the bad reputation that these kinds of diets have developed, the twenty-first century is full of people who are desperate for any solution to their weight problem. With over one third of America being obese, there is no shortage of customers. So how can a person pick out something that works from all of the farces? The most proven remains the stories of those who have used the product or technique.
The HCG diet is another quick weight loss program that has come to the weight loss market’s public eye in the twenty-first century. It claims to give users rapid weight loss along with decreased hunger pains. When combined with a low calorie diet, the user is projected to lose between one and three pounds per week. The HCG promises to make it easier by decreasing one’s appetite so that he does not have to fight with hunger pains, bringing the diet a higher possibility of success. The dieter is more likely to stick to the HCG diet when he is not fighting against excruciating hunger pains. This also will give energy to the dieter, unlike a normal low calorie diet that leaves the victim lethargic, weak, and grumpy.
The controversy around the HCG diet rages. Many “authorities” are bringing claims that it is ineffective. Some are saying that dieters will lose all of their progress immediately after they resume normal lifestyle. But HCG users say otherwise. The successful results are innumerable. Many users agree attest to the diet’s effectiveness and say that long term weight loss is attainable if users will only keep to a healthy diet and regular exercise after finishing the program.
In response to the negative reviews and articles about the diet, many satisfied users raise their voices. A center in Tennessee reports that they have seen more than four of their patients lose over 200 pounds, and seventy-three patients lose over one hundred pounds with the HCG diet. Another commenter writes that he went from 235 pounds to 145 and is keeping the weight off with a healthy lifestyle. And the reviews go on and on and on.
If you are desperate to lose weight, if you want to change the direction of your life and enjoy the years ahead of you in health, than the HCG diet may be just what you are looking for. If you are sick of starving yourself, sick of being miserable all the time because of incredible hunger and low energy, than this might be for you. Join the long list of dieters who have found lasting success and try the HCG program for yourself.