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NGC 1068 (also known as Messier 77) is a barred spiral galaxy approximately 47 million light years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Cetus (aka th ‘Whale’). At its center is an active galactic nucleus, a supermassive black hole that is being fed by a thin, rotating disk of gas and dust known as an accretion disk. As material in the disk spirals toward the central black hole, it becomes superheated and blazes bright with ultraviolet radiation.

The Pentagon is expected to spend the next 60 days preparing the troops for the change, and ironing out legal and technical details, including how it will affect housing, military transfers and other health and social benefits. Same sex partners will not get the same housing and other benefits as married couples. Instead, they are more likely to be treated like unmarried couples..

Traffic incident training llpkg 7 try understand what the other people want to do state patrol wants us to get and clear the scene as quick as possible traffic incident training llpkg 8 when it comes to traffic crash investigation police is there to handle like the criminal end of it and the fire department is there to handle the rescue sergeant mike lillquist with the mason city police department says he has seen a crash where those responding were hit by another driver. Traffic incident training llpkg 2 gets kind of hectic than not only are you having to deal with the initial problem i have a back up issue that’s going on but you also have to get more resources traffic incident training llpkg 5 the department of public safety is hosting this class and say crashes like this traffic incident training llpkg 10 one in worth county as well as the 70 car pile up on i 35 are happing all too often saying around 10 police officers die each year from second hand crashes along with four fire fighters and around 60 tow truck drivers sparking a national effort to look at how responses are executed. Traffic incident training llpkg 3 he willing to change the way you’ve done thing for years and maybe look at something a little different traffic incident training llpkg 6 lieutenant miller says much of the training involves learning how emergency workers are responding to scenes as well as give them tips on how to do it better something he says he has already seen the benefits of since the training started in 20 12.

Back in the late Sixties, Sir Alec Issigonis, designer of the original British Mini, was faced with a rather difficult task. His little city runabout was a huge success, driven and loved by everyone from Peter Sellers to the Beatles, but beyond it, there was little for family owners to move on to. What was needed was a five door, four metre long sister model that still kept much of the Mini’s cleverness.